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The Entertainment Room

Welcome everyone to my Entertainment Room. Lounge on the couch and follow my links to many entertainment sites. These are some of my favorites and ones that are very popular. Please go to my homepage and bookmark it. Have fun surfing the net in my entertainment room. If you have any links that should be on here, please email me at the address on the bottom of the page for me to review it. Thanks!

The Entertainment Room

Movies, Movies, Movies, and more Movie links

Excite's Movie Reviews
Cinema Sites
Hollywood Online
Internet Movie Database
Entertainment Asylum
Academy of Motion Pictures
Hollywood Net
Launch Online
Microsoft Cinemania
Teen Movie Critic
Video Links
The Daily Wav
Each Movie

TV Networks

NBC Homepage
Home Box Office - HBO Home Page
The Discovery Channel Online
CBS Home Page
ABC Television
FOX Network
PBS Online

TV Programming Guide Listings

TV Listings of Excite
Total TV
Ultimate TV
Click TV
Gist TV Listings
Prevue Online
Watch It Entertainment

Television Show Guides

Columbia TriStar Television Shows
Star Seeker
TV Hole
The Wonderful World of Disney
Universal Studios

Television Magazines

Entertainment Weekly Online
TV Host Online
US Magazine
Mr. Showbiz
People Magazine


Jay Leno's Tonight Show Homepage
Jokes and Humor
Our Dumbest Criminals
David Letterman Show
The Funny Page
Yan's Humor Page
Joke Collections And Archives
Rodney Dangerfield's Home Page
The Dilbert Zone
10 Laughs A Day

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